What makes us and why are we here?

We are a community composed of selfless individuals all over the world, interested in sharing and learning to impact LIVES to make this WORLD a better place.
We share and acquire skills everywhere, it doesn’t matter with who or from who, learning and sharing are our core values while focusing on the individual’s qualities

Doing this, helps us inspire fellow youths allover the world with skills which are necessary for personal development, employment, community building, creation of jobs, innovation or to give alternative ways of living life.

We put much focus to communication skills, computing skills, entrepreneurship and writing, but we are not limited to these because we get involved in many different life development skills programs such as Hiphop through partnerships to reach more youths. We build promotional, communication and informational tools to ease the way people live everyday. For example, we build free or reasonably priced websites and mobile apps for start up NGOs.

We work with People Concern Children’s Project Uganda, Break Dance Project Uganda, Youth Legacy Africa and Raise African Child Uganda.

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